Friday, January 21, 2005

Blog or get off the pot

A poor morning for one of our cats. He is about four pounds underweight - a substantial mass for a cat - and was desperately sick all the way to the vet. A poor morning for me, who must now scrape cat diarrhea off the back seat of the car while it's -20 outside. That I couldn't get the cat into its carrier is another story. The vet had to stab the cat about twenty times simply to draw enough blood to conduct tests, so it was a poor morning for the vet as well. Poor kitty beast. Nap time for all parties.

We adopted the beast in October 2003. He and another cat had been abandoned to a kennel for six months after their owner moved to England. We have both now, and I often wonder how anyone could leave them behind to an uncertain future. I cry sometimes when I think about that while I'm cuddling with them. Their time was almost up; they would soon have been surrendered to a shelter. The cats were at the kennel for the same length of time that they would have been quarantined upon arrival in the UK, so they really could have gone over there after all. I'm glad they didn't!

I have no idea how old the sick one is. We were told he was fifteen in 2003, but his previous owner adopted him from the Humane Society, so it's hard to say. Our own vet thinks the cat may be younger. I am thoroughly glad that we could adopt a dear old cat, but have little certainty as to how much longer he would live, barring current health issues.

Ah, blogging. Awfully public, isn't it? I'm still getting used to that. Apologies to those to whom I have linked, only to delete entries later. I am gun-shy and unsure of linking protocol, so I think I shall simply bore whatever readers trip this way with my daily joys and miseries instead.


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