Monday, January 17, 2005

The fruitcake that lived to die

I admit it: I like fruitcake. Our wedding cake was by far the finest fruitcake I have eaten, and I polished off the top layer this morning after having dragged it out of the freezer a few weeks ago out to be our Christmas cake. Both my husband and I had been silently making bits of it disappear since then, so I now have proof that he likes fruitcake too. We were meant for each other, evidently.

So that's it. I've plucked the last drop of fondant icing off the foil tray. There remains but one random slab of the cake in our freezer, and I think that we will wait to kill it next Christmas. Beyond that, I wouldn't chance it, if only because I think eating old cake - or consuming any aged food or drink - is a bit creepy.