Monday, February 14, 2005

excuses, excuses!

Ugh. Cinnamon hearts on an empty stomach do not a breakfast make. A scrambled egg with shiitake mushrooms, spinach and garlic sauteed in butter is a vast improvement. Oh, yes. Oh, Lord. Where have those mushrooms been all my life?

Dinner tonight is beef tenderloin. Not that we care much about this silly day, but Monday is my husband's Friday because of his schedule, so we like to be bad on Mondays. We're long overdue for a nice evening in because I've been out of town so much, and working evenings when I have been home. So, go us!

After all, I played contemporary music all for three days last week. Contemporary music for accordion and orchestra. Wait - make that three accordions and orchestra. In Windsor.

In light of the accordions and the location, I did not fast on Ash Wednesday. Instead, I had a big, garlicky shawarma sandwich before rehearsal and copious amounts of bad local wine afterwards. Je ne regrette rien.


Blogger mountain man said...

hi there musician of accordion stylings and cook of butter and ramshackle sauces, i am mountain man. howdy do. i like your blog. you are not as phony as the others. good luck to you! happy valentine's day. should you visit my blog, i hope you will forgive the rudeness of my valentine's post. i am not a misogynist. i swear ta god.

February 14, 2005 1:42 p.m.  

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