Thursday, February 24, 2005

New things. Oof.

Yesterday I had my first real workout at my new gym, joined a good 16-voice choir, and applied for a job.

The gym: Cheap, but effective! My fitness assessment on Monday was a bit glum. Two scales at the gym made me out to be seven pounds heavier than our home one, so it's time for a new scale. My BMI - and I do believe my BMI because I'm fairly medium-boned and totally unmuscular - says I am just barely obese. But my fitness level is "good", according to the LCD display on their nifty, sensor-laden bikes, so there is nothing but my head to keep me from getting in shape.

On Tuesday I had a learning session with a personal trainer. She's clearly a superior being, despite her name being Sherri. At the least, Sherri is the sharpest tool in the box at this gym. You know those camp counsellors who are compact, effective, know their shit but are still fun? That's her. Yesterday I had my first real workout there, and today I feel great, despite being barely obese.

The choir: Rah! Yesterday I joined a 16-voice choir that specializes in 8-or-more-part sacred Renaissance music. And it's good! Lately I have felt an increasing need to use my full voice and sing in a choir with good pitch and that learns quickly. This choir is not perfect, but good enough for me, for now, and I am very pleased.

The job: I probably won't get it, and I don't know if I'd even want it, but it's a temporary part-time position at the city's main reference library. It pays almost twice as much per hour as my current job at the university, offers more hours, and would end around the time I'm hoping to be pregnant.

If only my current position paid more. I actually do like it, despite the poor break and meager pay. It's a good and peaceful environment, and my knowledge of music is of great use to me there. The people are great, when they're not enforcing my eensy break time while they're on the phone with friends for half-hour stretches. However, ten dollars an hour was enough for me ten years ago, but not now. My husband wishes to go to school next year, and it's to our mutual benefit that he does. Our income will be drastically reduced while he's at school, and we still have debt, are planning a family, and hope to buy a house in the next five years. Making more money is not so much an issue of pride as of necessity, so no stories from people my age who "lost their pride" and worked for pennies in their youth, please! I did that, too, and happily. That was years ago. [/defensive rant]. I have nothing to lose by exploring other opportunities, as my current job is mine as long as I wish to keep it.

So, that's all the excitement I can handle in a week. We now return to my regularly-scheduled doing of laundry.


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