Friday, March 11, 2005

Savoury success, cooking magazines, etc.

Last night I made spaghetti bolognese to die for, with a recipe from a thin, spiral-bound Italian cookbook that I nabbed at the church book sale for fifty cents. It was meaty, savoury perfection. How good was it? As I drove to choir, I had an imaginary conversation with with a fan: "So, Fifth, how did you make the sauce?" Well, m'dear, let me tell you! (Now picture me on the Expressway reciting a complex ingredients list aloud. Yes, I know I should not be allowed to drive.)

I think I've finally hit cookbook saturation point, in that I feel my stomach tighten around used book stores. Having too many cookbooks means losing track of my favourite recipes until I devise a personal index. Now it's magazines; I've been exploring them all and falling hard for a few, particularly Fine Cooking, which practically makes me scream with glee. Given a choice between Bon Appetit and Gourmet, I'd choose the former for reasons I can't quite pin down. It may just seem friendlier, as its content hardly differs from that of Gourmet. I'm also getting a kick out of Cuisine at home, which contains no ads, and which, along with Fine Cooking, is instructional, inspirational and "food-only", with just enough attention to wine and cooking tools. Both seem perfect for me, an avid novice cook. Cook's Illustrated is fine, too - I just like-a the colour of the other mags.

Off topic, Jetsgo has gone tits-up. We booked our flight to BC in April on Westjet, and I'm feeling smug this morning.


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