Friday, April 01, 2005

oh, nuts

My husband just called from work on someone else's line. Thanks to our call display, I clued him in, and he realized that his team leader had played an April Fools' joke on him and his team by swapping everyone's phone lines. This reminds me that LJ. the home of my other blog, likes the odd prank too; the buggers changed my journal style this morning. I only wish I'd remembered BEFORE I went to the trouble of changing my journal style back to the way it should be - it probably would have reverted automatically later in the day.

Today I get to go to Canadian Tire and say, 'Help! I don't know how to change a windshield wiper blade!' and let some nice person do it for me. While this is going on, I will go to the gym, which I must say is agreeing with me. I haven't really lost weight, because a) I'm still eating too much garbage and b) I'm adding muscle at a greater rate than I'm burning fat. I'm willing to be patient, though, because it will work out in the end, once I lay off the Ruffles and dip, and I'm enjoying being stronger!

Later in the day I will drive to Orillia to sing in a choir and get paid for it. It's a pretty town, but many of the kids there look tough, mean and bored. On Tuesday I arrived there late in the afternoon and had a couple of hours to walk around. The streets were crawling with kids who were killing time after school. By 5:30, though, the kids were gone; at least they knew that Mom's cooking - or at least microwaved pizza puffs - is where it's at, and went home for dinner. That made me smile.

Speaking of choirs, my new one does sound good while learning music. Amazing, even. The Victoria mass we did on Wednesday was luscious. I'm no longer fearing their learning curve. Instead, I'm so glad I was found. The director met me when I was behind the library desk, and it took several weeks of chatting before he even knew I was an Early Music type who sang. He asked if I was an alto, said his group had a vacancy, and invited me to join the choir without even hearing me sing. Odd, that, considering the quality of the group - he was really taking a chance. Anyway, if it wasn't for my stupid library job, I wouldn't be in the choir at all. Instead, I'd be mad when I heard it in the future, and wonder how I missed the boat.


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