Sunday, May 29, 2005

About last weekend

Last weekend was the long-longed-for Long Weekend, and, unusually enough for me, it felt like a Long Weekend! I rarely have a real weekend; I'm so often rehearsing or concertizing on Fridays and Saturdays. But this one was different. I had Friday free to go to the gym, buy groceries, and visit garden centres, and Saturday I TOOK DOWN THE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS and planted pretty things on the balcony.

Last year I didn't sit on the balcony once. Clutter and dirt covered it completely - there was nowhere to sit, and I was unmotivated to do anything about it. My final paper was stressing me out thoroughly, and that, I'm sure, was just part of my general malaise. My heart was there - I planted impatiens and watered them occasionally, and they thrived in spite of me. I bought a tomato plant and tossed the poor thing out there too, never repotting it or fertilizing it, and watering it about twice a month. It was still sporting enough to cough up two small tomatoes.

Now there's plenty of room, clean chairs, and properly potted and fed impatiens, tomatoes, geraniums, and herbs. It's nearly an oasis (it would be perfect if we didn't have to keep our bikes out there), and I plan to keep it that way. It's bad enough not having a yard; at the very least, we must have a balcony we can relax on with a glass of wine, or a beer for him and G&T for me on hot summer nights. At some point we will have juicy tomatoes, and flourishing herbs.

I've gotten a big kick out of gardening like everybody does on the May 24th weekend. It's uniting. Our balcony overlooks many yards, and our neighbours were out getting their hands dirty. The garden centre was a total zoo by 9:30 last Saturday morning.

A week later, nothing's dead yet! Huzzah.

We (R, R and I) also managed to see the not-quite-dead-yet-either Gordon Lightfoot at Massey Hall, and he was just excellent. Hard to believe he was in a coma for six weeks a couple of years ago. I grew up listening to him, and he sings about so many aspects of my life and family history - Georgian Bay and the railroad - as well as love and nature in ways I find refreshingly straightforward. Despite being introspective as I am, I adore good music that reflects on outward things, like the beauty of a good sea yarn of the wonder of nature.


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