Monday, May 16, 2005

How the asparagus met its end

While in Chilliwack last month, I tried to be good and not load up on cookbooks. It was hard to avoid. What is with West coast folks and food? I know - the bounty of the ocean and rivers, the great growing conditions - it's a foodie's paradise. Everywhere I went in BC's lower mainland, gift stores carried the Nature's Gourmet series of cookbooks by Carol Ann Shipman. The Salmon Cookbook seemed the most useful to me, so now I own it, and tonight I christened it by cooking up a lovely, delicate recipe for pasta, smoked salmon and asparagus.

The perfect spring dinner - just what I've been waiting for. The wild smoked salmon was also something I brought back from BC - I must ask my aunt to go to the Save-On and mail me another pack of it. It was an actual smoked fillet - not the sliced smoked salmon I was expecting, but it went perfectly in the pasta.

Good Lord, I love asparagus. And salmon. And BC. I want to move there and eat and eat and eat.


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