Friday, May 27, 2005

On unsolicited advice

Last night the following realization - a general observation, not sparked by anything specific - occured to me: Others are about 100 times more likely to say 'You should [do this, try this, etc.]...' when speaking to me as I am likely to say 'You should...' to them. It's true. I hear those words almost daily, but I say them to others about once a year, if that.

I rarely, maybe even never, give unsolicited advice. Why do others offer it to me so freely? Is my life in such dire need of improvement? Or am I not alone in being the target of those who like to hear themselves talk?

Maybe it's my problem, and I should be saying 'You should...' to everyone and their dog, but my communication skills have fallen victim to my fear of being responsible for the effect of my words.

Holy God, I'm boring. Time to sing cabaret tunes in the shower.


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