Saturday, June 18, 2005

A dream job, with any luck!

I can't think of many things nicer than spending a week playing Bach and Handel in Montreal in June and getting paid lots of money for it, but that's what I'm about to do! Not only that, but the Festival has arranged for me to have an apartment for the week with a kitchen and internet access, so with any luck I'll still be blogging away. I'll pack French Women Don't Get Fat and attempt my own Quebec version of restrained decadence on a budget.

How this good fortune fell on my head, I'll never quite know - nor do I know who put my name forward for this job. There are enough folks who do what I do and are at loose ends in June, so - why me? Who cares! This is, after all, exactly what I want to do fo a living. This project has me recording three Bach cantatas, performing Handel's fireworks late Thursday night, the eve of St-Jean Baptiste Day, complete with real fireworks (I think) and picked up by the CBC for live broadcast, and then performing the cantatas next Saturday night. Yay! More!

I'm scared.

It will be a busy working trip, with not much time to be a tourist, but that's fine. A little work shouldn't kill me, and I can always find time to shop. Always.



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