Saturday, June 04, 2005

Gossip, coffee, and where do I live again?

Gossip fuels me, I am ashamed to say, at least at the gym. When I work out on any cardio machine, time flies so much more quickly when I have a weekly rag in front of me, even an outdated one. As much as I enjoy house porn, Canadian Living doesn't do it for me on the elliptical - I keep checking my watch. But while I'm looking at worst-dressed lists, before-and-after-possible-plastic-surgery photos, and seeing Paris Hilton trying to pump gas with a chihuahua under her arm, I don't want it to end.

Today's workout was brilliant, and I think it had much to do with the coffee I had immediately before as with Us Weekly. I've never tried that deliberately, but now I will. There's a Tim Horton's right there. Why not?

While standing I line at Tim's, I saw two markets and three restaurants I had never noticed before. Danforth is a busy street, and it was a great Saturday to be out and about, seeing my neighbours. Today it all seemed new to me. I live here, for Pete's sake; for me, the Most Observant and Place-Oriented Person Ever, this was just shocking.

I conclude that my head has been firmly up my rear for two years. Time to stop railing against the noise and crowds of the city and act like I live here.

In the meantime, I will make cream of Asparagus soup, because I just can't walk by local asparagus at the market without weakening. I even bought a shallot. Go me.


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