Wednesday, June 15, 2005

grease! and wah!

Ho-Lee-Chow, how do I love thee! Could it be the fact that there is no MSG in your food, or that ginger is employed with a lavish hand in so many dishes? Or the speedy delivery? Or the fact that your General Tso Chicken is why chickens were made? In any case, I was a-cravin' Chinese takeout last night, thanks to coming across a piano method at the library by one "J. Ching", sporting a red-and white cover that remimded me of an eggroll carton. And it was so.

Suggestible, moi? Burp.

In wah! news, the big Chapters on Bloor Street is closed! I suppose there was no great benefit to the company in keeping it open with the Manulife Centre Indigo - same owners - a block away, but wah! That store was on my route to work, and I loved to dawdle there. Wah! again, and now to the gym to burn off my leftover Lo Mein lunch.


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