Friday, July 01, 2005

Possible Death by Magical Leeks

My Hella Fine birthday dinner last night consisted of lobster gratinée, followed by steak and lobster, to say nothing of cheesecake, washed down with half a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label at the Keg Mansion, a beautiful, beautiful place that must never leave this planet.

Before we went there, I found I'd lost five pounds. Thirty-seven to go, so what do I do? See above.

Now I must eat just enough breakfast cereal to give me the strength to go the market for leeks, on which I will subsist for two days.

Considering the onionlike taste of leeks, and the fact that I'm still not an onion fan, unless they're cleverly disguised or drowning in broth, bread and mozzerella, this should be interesting.


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