Wednesday, July 20, 2005


My cookbook fetish is no secret. When a cookbook is free, however, and the book itself is about frugal veggie-based cooking and is recommended by many, it's all good...right?

When I had a Sears card, I rarely used it. Sears gave up on me and issued me instead the Sears Mastercard, which is much more useful to me. I use it for nearly all my purchases, then pay off the balance each month, and enjoy the rewards program! I just spent my $50 gift certificate on The Victory Garden Cookbook and a couple of childrens' books. One, Little House in the Big Woods, is a childhood favourite of sorts - I used to pore over an excerpt of it in an old anthology of childrens' stories at the cottage. The other, The Secret Garden, is the only childrens' book I can't believe I never read, as it looks like something I would have adored.

I love the library, but when I know that I'm going to go back to a book time and time again, either for food ideas or a nostalgia trip, it's nice to have my own copy to wear to smithereens.


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