Tuesday, August 16, 2005

August corn!

Our lunch today included local corn from the Parry Sound Farmer's Market. We had bought it on Wednesday to eat at the cottage, but we forgot butter, like big fools, so the corn came home with us. Though not as fresh as it would have been last week, it was still incredibly flavourful, much more so than out-of-season corn ever is. Add that to grilled burgers, and violas! the perfect summer meal.

Yes, violas. Our other stop this week was an old friend's wedding near Montreal. I played in an arrangement of "What a Wonderful World" for flute, oboe, bassoon and viola. I'm still drinking away the memory.

Once the August local fare project is over, I will begin some vague attempt at a low-carb diet. Just not until Ontario plums, pears, corn and other good things have left the shelves!

The cat has curled her tail around the screen of my laptop. It is too cute.


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