Monday, August 08, 2005

Local fare, away from home.

I'm back from Ottawa, about long enough to fart before we go back up to the cottage. Can I even begin to express how damn lucky I am to own land up north? And it will always be there for me. There will always be a river for me to dangle my feet in, albeit with dramatically low water levels at times.

I'm "land-poor". It's all inherited, we don't have any real money. I am grateful for it daily.

My lame attempt to meet the Local Food Challenge that many bloggers are taking on this August is going well in theory. While in Ottawa, I bought luscious were blueberries at the ByWard market. They were local to the area near my cottage, and even though I bought them in Ottawa, that's good enough for me. I pay taxes for that blueberry-filled part of the map, dontcha know.

Fresh wild berries grow abundantly behind my cottage, and I gorged myself there last month. These berries at the market were every bit as good, and a bargain - I know how long it takes to pick the little suckers. No cultivated blueberries taste as wonderful as the wild ones I know, and you can just pop them into your mouth with no fear of ingesting anything nasty. Chemical, I mean. I did have to spit out a small slug once.

Back to local gastronomic joy in the nation's capital: I also dined at the Urban Pear in the Glebe, and Domus in the market area. Both specialize in local, seasonal cuisine. I took pictures, and will post them as soon as the cable that connects my camera to the computer materializes. I think the cats ate it.

Yeah, the music (the reason I was working there) was good too, and the vocal soloists extraordinary. I don't name names - my stats are revealing my first search-engine related visits to the site, reminding me that this blogging jazz is quite public indeed. I don't know if I can handle it, to be honest!

Dinner tonight was a red pepper and potato frittata, at least with local eggs, from Jenni Fleetwood's The Ultimate 30 Minute Cookbook. I am still fantasizing about it. My diet has not been a success to this point - I've gained back nearly all I have lost, and don't know why. The frittata won't help; I can't stop eating it.


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