Monday, August 01, 2005

Still here, for now

August, eh? I know the summer is only half over, but once I reach August, it feels to me like the summer is toast. I do remember the summer seeming to last forever when I was young. As an adult, I have the entire summer sliced, diced, sorted and allotted, in my mind anyway, way back in June.

Not a bad summer, though. Summer is a frightening time for the musician; so little work, but so many more expenses if you want to get away and do anything summery like people insist on doing. I had worried I'd be broke, but two music festivals and a CBC research/editing gig have almost taken care of it. Almost. We're a little tight, still, and will have to watch our pennies for several months.

Beyond the slicing and dicing of summer, there's the worrying. In truth, there is not a damn thing to worry about, but I keep forgetting that, and wander about with a tense tummy all day. Where's the off switch? What would convince me?

No, no, no...this is to be a happy summer post. Breathe. Work. Play. That's all I have to do. If I quit worrying, I might even discover that I have time to do those things.


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