Saturday, September 17, 2005

A favourite fair

The Thornhill Village Festival has been a part of my life since childhood, and has hardly changed. My father's Scottish Country Dance group used to dance a few sets there each year, but I think that tradition has ceased, and my father quit dancing years ago. I still went today, alone, to relive some happy memories.

My favourite part lives on, that being perogies! and sausages! and sauerkraut! and borscht! at the Ukrainian church. They have stopped offering cabbage rolls, but everything else just rocked. I normally skip sauerkraut, but this stuff was mild and sweetly nutty, and I would eat sauerkraut all the time if I knew how to make it like this. God bless Ukrainian church ladies who can cook.

The rest of the festival includes craft booths, corn stands, beer gardens, a petting zoo, and historic battle reenactments, and lots of folks of all ages running around in period costume.

Historic battle reenactments? are hot, and so are the men in them, regardless of their age.

I was very good, buying only one community cookbook, much-needed new oven mitts, and a $2 raffle ticket for a gorgeous quilt. And, of course, the Ukrainian lunch.

My broody self stopped at a booth with nice-looking books on parenting. Before I knew it, I was bombarded - asked if I had children, if I worked with them, and if I would like to enter a draw for a lovely hardcover Narnia series. I was handed a bag full of magazines, and saw that the group running the booth was this one, a group with views too conservative even for me. As soon as I saw that entering the draw would put me on their mailing list, I excused myself, then shoved their bag into my purse, lest I provide them with any free advertising.

Once upon a time, I would have wanted candy floss! and funnel cakes! and ice cream! before leaving, but now my stomach clenches at the thought of so much sugar. Why chase away that glorious sauerkraut aftertaste?


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