Wednesday, September 07, 2005

In which I say yes to crack.

After years of skepticism, I have seen a chiropractor, thanks to a gift certificate from a friend and chiro convert, and it is good. I have seen the crack, and the light. I fear no evil, only the ungodly sound of my bones crunching when next I get cracked.

Now I can turn my head farther to the left than I can ever remember being able to do, and that is following just one adjustment. I have twenty-four to go, and then I have a feeling that my lower back troubles and constant "head-forward" position will be a thing of the past. Soon I will be taller, gracefuller, less pained, and less constipated (it's all connected, dontcha know!), and you will wish you were me.

In other news, my beloved choir resumed tonight, and we are preparing Josquin, Lassus, Wert, Sweelnick, and other very pretty things. Thanks to my crack daddy, I will be able to sing them without looking like a Neanderthal or stifling excessive farts. Joy! Joy!


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