Friday, September 02, 2005

Whither my blog?

I'm pleased to see that one of my favourite food blogs is actually authored by a violinist I've worked with many times before. I won't link to it, though, because she might find me!

This begs the question: Why am I here?

Food blogs comprise the majority of my internet reading list. If I were to create a food blog, I would first have to learn how to cook rather well, and that has not happened in my three-plus decades on the planet. My mother - God rest her soul - never did teach me a thing about cooking. I have really only learned to cook since I got married, and am still learning on a pretty steep curve. My food blog, therefore, would be a study in how a fifth-generation Canadian, raised on a mix of ultra-basic meat-and-potato dishes and convenience foods, such as canned soups, fish sticks and frozen peas, cooks for herself and others in an increasingly multicultural culinary world.

Though I am nostalgic for many things, my dear mother's cooking just ain't one of them. I have acquired tastes for exotic foods that were utterly unknown to my late mother, and would sooner whip up a curry dish from scratch than heat up a can of Campbell's anything. My cookbook collection, of course, is monstrous, compared to the five or so cookbooks and binder of clippings possessed by Mom.

With no hardcore kitchen skillz, then, and a decided lack of interest in debate and fear of committing my political or cultural opinions to internet immortality, I'm not sure what direction to lead this blog. Maybe it doesn't matter. I just hate linking to food and music blogs, only to have the authors trace me via Technorati and discover that my blog is lame, overly personal, uncategorizeable, and not worth putting on their blogroll.

I have an idea or two. We'll see.


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