Thursday, October 27, 2005

house pr0n revisited

My favourite house-fluffer show opens tonight, and I will be there tomorrow with bells on, wallet open, and visions of getting my Christmas shopping the hell over with dancing in my head.

Last year everyone got handmade pottery coffee mugs and paté dishes that I bought at the show. This year? Ceramic chickens! Or not.

One of the great perks of being an underemployed musician is being able to shop on weekdays and skip the crowds. Not that we can afford to buy anything. But I can drool at the guest chefs' creations in the Country Kitchen.

This comes just in time. I need to see the real goods and get my head out of magazines, which are over saturating my life, brain and every flat surface in my apartment. Too many ideas make me nauseous.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I just miss it.

Being fifth-generation Canadian, I can't lay claim to any other culture, and the one I knew is vanishing from my home city.

I know that change is inevitable and necessary. I have been thinking about the fact that the culture I grew up with has been largely taken away so that those who grew up in other cultures can live here more comfortably. Not that everyone is comfortable, or that I'm suffering; I know there is still far too much intolerance and discrimination here, and not enough freedom. I acknowledge fully that this is truly a multicultural city, and the majority should not feel uncomfortable in it because it is dominated by one particular understanding of culture.

I just miss it.

The Bishop was our preacher the Sunday before last, and reminded us in his sermon that 50 years ago, religious leaders were consulted about many political decisions. Two thirds of Canadians attended church, the school day was begun with the Lord's Prayer, and a new building was never consecrated without prayer. There was no Sunday shopping, and children weren't involved in team sports on Sunday mornings. Well, you know what? It was very much like that here even 20-25 years ago, and I remember it. Sunday shopping was not available city-wide until 1991, when there was a referendum question on it that we voted on in the municipal election. Certainly there were no charity runs and marathons that began Sunday mornings and shut down parts of the city! (Just the odd religious parade, true enough...)

That was the Toronto I was a child in. It is gone, and that is that. I can cling to some of it by choosing what I do and don't do on Sundays. But if I put on blinkers and choose to avoid daily activities on Sunday, I will lose out. Our children will lose out. So it's go-go-go, every day. If you wish to be a practising Christian in Toronto, you must do it on your own time.

Fair enough, I say. I acknowledge that. I rejoice in multiculturalism! So does the Bishop, for that matter. I just miss what I understood Canadian culture to be when I was young. I want it all - I want to enjoy other cultures without having to relegate mine to the nostalgia drawer to evade criticism! But then, change and I have never gotten along, and that's usually my problem.

Time for some old-fashioned values. I'm watching Family Guy. :p

Sunday, October 09, 2005

You're sublime, you're a turkey dinner....

I can't believe:

-that it's the Thanksgiving weekend already.

-that my father actually phoned me yesterday! He never calls because his brain injury has whammied his initiative. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

-that legendary Blue Jays' broadcaster Tom Cheek has passed away. His voice marked my childhood summers, and I will miss his presence terribly.

-that someone is in one of the yards below doing using a noisy trimmer. People everywhere are trying to relax over turkey dinner. Grr.

-that I have a rehearsal tonight. On Thanksgiving Sunday! I grew up having Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and I can smell other peoples' turkey in the hall and it's driving me mad. We will have our feast tomorrow instead, that being Thanksgiving Day proper, but the population is generally divided over when they eat. I think I'd still do it on Sunday if I could.

-that I saw Christmas decorations for sale at the Bay today.

We would drive to my grandparents' home in Parry Sound on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekends past. Dad would drop Mom and me off, and drive further north to stay at the cottage that night. He would close it for the season and put the shutters up on Sunday, and return in time for dinner. Then we'd drive home on Monday, never minding the traffic because we were gawking at the colour of the leaves. There was much less traffic when I was younger.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canucks!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

In which hockey makes me giddy!

I am glad NHL hockey is back. I never knew how much I'd missed it! The rule changes leave me with mixed feelings, though. The game is certainly more fast-paced, and I confess that I, a die-hard conservative when it comes to changing a game's rules to sugar it up for the common masses, LIKED it. But does hockey need the shootout?

I don't know - I still think that 5 minutes of OT is exciting enough. If two teams are tied after 65 exhausting minutes of end-to-end action, limited opportunities to ice the puck, and goalies trying to mind the net with smaller pads and less room to handle the puck, I think they deserve to hold their heads equally high and call it a tie. If a goaltender has been fabulous throughout a game that ends in a tie, there is no way he should be demoralized in a shootout and potentially end up going on record as losing. Meh.

Having said that, though, it was a treat to walk down the hall of our floor and hear the game on in other apartments, and see the flicker and glow of TV-light through the windows on my street when I popped out to buy some Coke at the corner store. Our game is back!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In which my site stats make me chuckle

I love reading my site stats, modest though they be. Most visitors who don't arrive via the "next blog" button on another Blogger site do so through MSN searches on boxed wine and various Ontario wine brands mentioned in earlier posts.

Yesterday my blog received a visit from a spelling-challenged person in Toronto at Abell Pest Control (with an ISP belonging to Sobey's, oddly) looking for porn I guess: "teen charmes" being the search words.

My first porn hit! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.