Thursday, October 06, 2005

In which hockey makes me giddy!

I am glad NHL hockey is back. I never knew how much I'd missed it! The rule changes leave me with mixed feelings, though. The game is certainly more fast-paced, and I confess that I, a die-hard conservative when it comes to changing a game's rules to sugar it up for the common masses, LIKED it. But does hockey need the shootout?

I don't know - I still think that 5 minutes of OT is exciting enough. If two teams are tied after 65 exhausting minutes of end-to-end action, limited opportunities to ice the puck, and goalies trying to mind the net with smaller pads and less room to handle the puck, I think they deserve to hold their heads equally high and call it a tie. If a goaltender has been fabulous throughout a game that ends in a tie, there is no way he should be demoralized in a shootout and potentially end up going on record as losing. Meh.

Having said that, though, it was a treat to walk down the hall of our floor and hear the game on in other apartments, and see the flicker and glow of TV-light through the windows on my street when I popped out to buy some Coke at the corner store. Our game is back!


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