Sunday, October 09, 2005

You're sublime, you're a turkey dinner....

I can't believe:

-that it's the Thanksgiving weekend already.

-that my father actually phoned me yesterday! He never calls because his brain injury has whammied his initiative. It made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

-that legendary Blue Jays' broadcaster Tom Cheek has passed away. His voice marked my childhood summers, and I will miss his presence terribly.

-that someone is in one of the yards below doing using a noisy trimmer. People everywhere are trying to relax over turkey dinner. Grr.

-that I have a rehearsal tonight. On Thanksgiving Sunday! I grew up having Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, and I can smell other peoples' turkey in the hall and it's driving me mad. We will have our feast tomorrow instead, that being Thanksgiving Day proper, but the population is generally divided over when they eat. I think I'd still do it on Sunday if I could.

-that I saw Christmas decorations for sale at the Bay today.

We would drive to my grandparents' home in Parry Sound on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekends past. Dad would drop Mom and me off, and drive further north to stay at the cottage that night. He would close it for the season and put the shutters up on Sunday, and return in time for dinner. Then we'd drive home on Monday, never minding the traffic because we were gawking at the colour of the leaves. There was much less traffic when I was younger.

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canucks!


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