Friday, November 18, 2005

So long, privacy.

There is a noisy chainsaw crew removing the tree that is closest to our balcony and offers us some semblance of privacy in the summer. I'm grumpy about losing the tree, and grumpy about chainsaws whining away loudly when I'd really, really like to have a nap. Maybe I'll try earplugs.

Furthermore, I lost all my reeds, as well as my tuner and metronome, some time between a rehearsal and a concert on Wednesday. At least I can borrow some Baroque reed tubes for a few weeks, but man! It's just the worst time of year to be losing reeds, and the expense of labour and money that looms ahead of me as I look to replace the tubes and make enough reeds to get me through the season is making me twitch.

My next gripe: Jack FM. I like the music they play, but they've recently gone the way of No DJs, and they're proud if it! Sure, it means more music and less babble, but it also means that they had to fire a bunch of people. As a musician whose profession is mainly live performance, I'm constantly irked by the replacement of live bodies by automated and pre-recorded programming in the music industry in general. This isn't quite the same or as bad as giving pink slips out to a pit orchestra because the entire musical is now programmed into a synthesizer, but I'm still pretty sensitive about this kind of thing.

So, you'd like some happy news? Er, well...we have a new jade plant in our bathroom and I haven't killed it yet. Oh, and we have root beer! I love root beer.

Well, I see a guy in an orange hard hat dangling from the tree outside the dining room window, so I think I'll go hide now.


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