Wednesday, December 14, 2005

and furthermore!

And another whine! Aren't you glad you checked blog bookmarks today?

This one's about the weather. Okay. So. We're expecting about 25 cm. of snow between now and Friday. No, it won't be fun. It might even be really miserable. But big whoop, it's December in Canada!

I awoke to the sound of the radio broadcasting the words of dumb lady they interviewed on the street: "It's scary! I can't help but think of Montreal and that ice storm a few years back."

That was some ice storm, to be sure. But less than a foot of snow in T.O.? Spread out over three days? Get. Over. It.

Then there's the melodrama of the windchill. When there is sufficient wind and humidity, it can feel a heck of a lot colder than it actually is. Knowing the wind chill is helpful for knowing how much to bundle up before heading out. But the windchill isn't the damn temperature. A windchill of -23C does not mean that it is really -23C. Until quite recently, there wasn't even an accurate model to gauge windchill. Sometimes our local news radio station is so bent on overdramatizing the weather that it doesn't even bother telling us the temperature as seen on a thermometer - it only gives the windchill. Grrr.

Toronto has a system called Cold Weather Alert. I understand its use in assisting homeless people who face bodily risk in extreme cold, but to make it a top news item every time the temperature dips to -15C is just bananas.

So there. Time to bundle up and go down the the post office for a parcel. It will be either an oboe reed case to replace one of the ones I lost, or pralines for the whole damn family!

Edit: I think I take it back. There was no snow today, but we can expect to get massacred by the stuff tonight, tomorrow, and into the weekend. And I don't even have to shovel, so I have some nerve whining about whiners.

Whine away, folks - see you in a few days.


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