Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Further grumbles about noisy toys and Bad Gift Ideas, all when I should be cleaning.

I enjoyed some of this article's gift suggestions, believe it or not, though I wilt at the mere thought of noisy toys with flashing lights and sound effects. I made the mistake of going to Winners on the way to get my allergy shot yesterday, and they had a toy section that would rot your socks. But the noise! The beeps and whines and howling incomprehensible electronic voices! I hate noise! I heard a feeble utterance of the word "help" wobble through my throat as my eyes glazed over and I left.

With the exception of my Atari, which I always played quietly, and my little Fisher Price wind-up record player with a delicate little tone, my childhood toys were dead quiet. Does all this noise await me with our children's toys? Dare I ask prospective gift-givers for Quiet Toys Only, Please?

But the thing that irked me most about the article was the last suggestion of
"1. Something fun to play with on Christmas morning:" a new puppy! When, oh when will folks learn that giving a pet for Christmas is usually a terrible idea? I was annoyed enough to write and submit feedback about the article's suggestion, and I hope I'm not the only one.

Now, just one or two magazines to gaze at. Oh, and a bit of ice cream, then I'll clean. Promise!


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