Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Gifts for all, no emergency shopping required!

Phew. The Christmas candy has arrived from New Orleans. (Thanks to an LJ friend for the great idea!) Now I'm wishing I'd ordered just one more box because I really, really like pralines, and we didn't order a whole box for ourselves. It was getting pricey.

So it's a good thing that the candies are individually wrapped, and that the gift box lids are held on with only an elastic ribbon and no wrap. It's all too easy to nick a praline or tortue from each box and rearrange the remaining candies into neat rows of 4-3-4 instead of 4-4-4.

Maybe I'll nick more than one from Dad's box, because he has bad teeth and doesn't brush often enough. I'd be doing him a favour. Who will know? It will be my little secret. Do your good deeds in private, the Good Book says.

Just doing my bit to help everyone. Hurricane-ravaged economies, Dad, other family members who may be watching their weight. It's about giving. Burp.


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