Sunday, January 22, 2006

I can't cook, but TV makes me think I can!

Hm. The results for all Toronto ridings on the prediction site I mentioned in my last post have been adjusted, and they show the NDP walking away with my riding. I'm still not sure; I think it could be close.

Tonight I made fast bolognese sauce from Giada De Laurentiis' Everyday Italian -- fast in that it took one hour instead of two. Not bad at all, even quite yummy, but I still prefer my two-hour recipe from an old spiral-bound gem from 1982 that I picked up at our church's sale o' stuff. It's the real deal, requiring milk, wine, and nutmeg of all things.

I love it. I was on an incredible Italian kick a few months ago, and was contemplating the purchase of a bunch of books, but realized that many are best reserved for, well, good cooks with time, patience, and willingness to chase down odd ingredients. So I've stuck with the two aforementioned books, because I'm really not that ambitious -- I'm just tickled to bits when I don't completely bugger up dinner altogether. I'm why Giada and Rachael were born. Yeah, I just picked up Rachael's first 30-Minute Meals book. I already own Get Togethers and her pre-Food-Network-fame Veggie Cookbook. It's goodies like those books, and those TV shows, that have given me the confidence to even bother.

I only buy these books because I watch the shows and think, "I can do that!" And lo and behold, I can. Not coordinatedly, but I can.


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