Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In which a pregnant lady dreams of looking like a Bud Girl.

I've been Googling images for 'Bud Girl' before I've even had my coffee. And no, it's not like that. There is a Budweiser poster in our local pub, and when we were there last week I couldn't help but notice that the girl had my colouring and very good hair that might look rather fine on me. Dark blonde highlights, like I had five years ago before an overzealous stylist made me too blonde, and long layers. Not too tarty at all.

My right hand alone is typing this; my left is engaged in teasing out another immense knot at the back of my head. I'm tired of this, and feeling frumpy, but I might still chicken out. I need to study this Bud Girl for a good long time before I do anything I regret.

So next time we go to the pub, my camera's coming with me, and I'm taking a picture of that poster. I hope a) that it's still there, and b) that no one see me doing it. 'Cause that would be embarrassing, even if it put a smile on my husband's face.

I may have been born in the city, but there's still no gettin' the Sudbury valley out of me.


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