Thursday, February 16, 2006

I could live with this! If if let me sleep.

Ask me anything. I will sleep on it and give you the correct answer in the morning.

For the past few days and nights I have had quite a few "A-ha!" moments, where little questions have been answered, and new ones asked AND answered. Like, "Our choir can't use my church to rehearse on a Friday in March because it's Lent, and they'll be doing Stations of the Cross in the sanctuary!" Yup. Or "That guy in the library who was embarrassed when I mentioned the Liberals' 'beer and popcorn with the Tories' childcare money' gaffe was probably a political type himself, perhaps even a Liberal, known to the head librarian (who covered for the gaffe as well) but not to me!" The more I replay that conversation in my head, the more I know I'm right. And this morning, I thought suddenly, "My cousin must have a weblog. One about politics and cycling that he rarely updates, but he's enough of a geek to attach his real name to it." Yes indeed. I just found it, and it was easy because he does use his real name. I should have thought of that ages ago.

So, I don't know these little fits of clarity are part of Pregnant Brain, some accident of planetary alignment, or what, but it's kinda neat. It makes for rough nights, though - I hate thinking at night. I am usually such a good sleeper, but these damn thoughtses! Furthermore, as soon as a manage to clear them from my mind and drift off to sleep, the kid starts to poke me again.

For all my newfound Pregnant Brilliance, I'm making up for all of it by forgetting to reply to many important emails in a timely manner (er, I'm sure that lovely prof will get his tenure without my endorsement! *blush*), or walking straight into shopping carts at Loblaws when there is enough space to the left of them for an army to get by. Ouch.


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