Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Miscellany. Includes stabbing.

Gah. I feel like I might be getting sick again. My husband is already down for the count with some nasty bug, and we hope it doesn't last.

His grandmother's funeral is tomorrow evening, same time as the Ash Wednesday Mass. So I guess I'll go to the morning Mass to repent and get smudged instead, assuming I feel alright.

I've spent the day so far running around delivering magazines. It's grumpy-making work, but hey, I need the money. So many little stops, people to bug to sign new agreements, plastic ribbons to snip and discard, and old copies to load into the trunk and recycle. My damn maternity pants kept falling down, forcing me to yank them up in busy public places like a crack-prone construction worker.

The March issue has a good outlet for my anger; the guy on the cover is someone I'm really mad at. Like too many others, he figures there's no need to hire me if he can get in a bigshot from the States. As I snipped open each bundle of magazines, I had the pleasure of giving him a quick stab between the eyes before trotting the bundle off to the next coffee shop, library, etc.

Only once did I feel teary because I was wasting my brain and education with a $10/hr delivery job. As I type that now, though, I feel my eyes well up again. Never mind. Hormones, I'm sure.

It is so very much a night to curl up, eat soup, watch hockey, and die.


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