Monday, April 10, 2006

Asparagus joy, and my itchy black thumb.

It's spring. That means that the asparagus is marching northward. First we get skinny Chilean asparagus, then slightly plumper Mexican 'gus, and, eventually, gorgeous Ontarian stuff, whereupon I go all silly with springy recipes. Not that I can cook worth a shot; don't ever let my obsession with food lead you to believe that I know what to do with it.

I also look forward to getting my hands dirty and planting things on the balcony in May. I've had the best winter in ages for keeping house plants alive, thanks to the miracle of remembering to water! But I still can't keep a jade plant alive. A jade plant, people - the Great Unkillable Plant. There is one going tits-up quite unceremoniously in our bathroom, despite my best attempts to offer it the perfect balance between love and neglect that I thought it would thrive upon. Bugger.

I often think I should have been a botanist, but then I think I would just feel twice as bad when I killed unkillable plants.


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