Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Disconcerting thought of the day

Our kid might be born before our next container of coffee cream expires.

Yes. I plotz when I see mid-June "Best Before" dates on coffee cream. I don't really want to know how that stuff lasts two months after purchase.

In less disconcerting news, I am no longer concurrently pregnant with Katie Holmes. Now if Angelina would be so kind as to get on with it. The thought of her and me, separated by oceans and continents and whatnot but pushing at the same time, makes me choke.


Blogger Kathleen said...

You are quite welcome for the encouragement. :) What with all the books, websites, reviews and unsolicited opinions, it can be tough to remember that it really will all turn out okay. :)

And now...some solicited opinions...

Things I liked about the Heart-to-Heart:
- it was adjustable, so hubby could also use it if needed (not that he ever did, but the option was there)
- the edges of the pockets had padding, so I didn't need to worry that baby's head or neck was being hurt
- the shoulder strap was padded, which was nicer on my shoulders
- you can use it for babies of all stages; when they're motionless lumps, when they can sit up, when they're toddling, the whole thing. They can sit forward, or backwards, or on your hip...very versatile
- it was a sling, and therefore made me really mobile, I could carry the baby hands-free and walk any-damn-where and I loved it like crazy

Problems I had with the Heart-to-Heart:
- all the padding made it pretty warm to use in summertime, both for me and baby
- all the padding and the rings made it kind of awkward to use the knapsack diaper bag at the same time - I managed, but it wasn't perfect
- I never could get the hang of it like I saw some moms doing; often I had to hold baby close to me because I didn't feel like the sling would do that for me, it kept feeling like baby was falling forward too much, which wasn't great for my back; but this could easily have been because I am an idiot and don't know how to use a sling, rather than the sling being inferior
- not ideal for hands-free breastfeeding, although again, that could just be because I'm dumb, sling-wise
- now that I've been to that mamatoto site and seen how many different ways the wrap can be used, the Heart-to-Heart doesn't seem quite as versatile

YMMV, of course. I was still quite happy with the H2H. Also - if money or the generosity of friends/relatives permit, there's nothing wrong with having more than one sling/wrap solution kicking around the house.

And disclaimer: I do tend to appreciate voluminous mounds of flowing Guatemalan woven earthy glory. :)

And now, on to Diaper Hell. Again, I totally know of what you speak. Sling Hell and Diaper Hell were the two worst Hells for me.

Being crunchy granola tree-hugging types (see appreciation of Guatemalan flowing glory, above), and being cheap-ass skinflints to boot, we decided to go with cloth diapers that we would clean ourselves.

This decision set me up for months of research and agonizing decision-making. What kind of cloth diaper system? Wraps? Prefolds? All-in-ones? How much to buy? How expensive would it be? What if I ended up with a baby with chunky thighs, would I have to scrap what I'd bought and buy a whole new system to fit? What kind of diaper pail system to get? What accessories would we need to help clean everything? What about for newborns whose bellybuttons are still healing, how do you handle that?

And on and on and on. Until I really wished someone would just sit me down and say, "You masochistic idiot. Use this. It works."

The good news is that it's actually not that hard. I ended up buying a variety of different kinds of diapers and covers, made some prefolds myself, and mixed-and-matched and it all worked out just fine.

If you want to know my opinions of the various kinds of cloth diaper systems I've tried, let me know. I won't blather it all out unasked, especially if wash-it-yourself-cloth isn't even your preferred decision.


April 19, 2006 12:00 p.m.  
Blogger Mrs. M. said...


Our third Hell is Laundry Hell, which precludes our washing our own cloth diapers as long as we live in this building with forty units and two washers and pay $2.50 a load. What I had thought we'd do, though, is the diaper service route, with prefolds and Bummis wraps. One of our fellow choristers diapered all four (*faints*) of her children that way, and she even showed me how she did it a while back. It looked wickedly easy, and my DH is willing to give it a shot. Not the cheapest route, but being granola-ey myself (even if not of the vibrant-weave-wearing ilk), I'd rather try that than feel a pang of guilt each time I added a disposable to the world's landfill problem.

You're not the first of my sling-loving friends to have felt less than coordinated with the sling at first; one person said it's impossible to use it w/o fear of the newborn flopping out of it unless one has some seriously mad skillz.

Did y'all ever bother with a stroller?

Anyway, *smooch* again. Thanks for this. It does help!

April 19, 2006 3:57 p.m.  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Ew. Yeah, I would say washing your own is right out. I understand that diaper service costs are roughly on par with buying disposables. Normally washing your own is about half the cost, even when you factor in the extra energy and water...but in your case I would say that it would be WAY more expensive, both in terms of money and sanity. Yeesh.

There's also apparently a service out there which recycles disposable diapers. I have no idea how this is done, or how they separate diaper from...well...'stuff', or how much it costs, but I have heard of its existence. Website:

I feel entirely reassured that my fear of flopping was just my lack of mad sling skillz. But I used the thing for over a year and never totally got the hang of it. Again, could just be me.

Yep, we use/d a stroller once she got bigger, especially once the concept of "OOH! I get to ride in something with WHEELS!" got to be a big deal. :) And for long hikes now we would certainly use it, because she's not so big that she would be able to walk hither and yon all day. But when your kid is really wee and not very self-mobile it just seemed to me to be a ridiculous waste of energy to have to roll around something huge when you could just have them right there next to your heart, where you could see what was going on with them.

So glad I can help. :)

So what's your *fourth* circle of Baby-Related Hell? ;)

April 20, 2006 10:38 p.m.  

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