Thursday, May 04, 2006

In which I reveal that I have no life.

Two weeks since my last post, huh? Bad, bad me. The problem is this: I haven't been doing anything interesting at all except expanding rapidly and comparing product reviews on the internet. (I think we'll try a mei tai, those of you who are interested in the Sling Drama.)

No great cookbook exploration, my knitting attempts lost momentum around January when I thought I had an audition to prepare for, and I stopped thinking Great Thoughts about music when I completed my second useless Masters degree two years ago.

My little life boils down to this:

Cleaning. I should be, and I'm not because I am addicted to the internet.

Baseball. It makes me happy. I'd rather watch baseball than clean any day.

Gardening. Or whatever I can achieve on the balcony. Last year I had impatiens, geraniums, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, tomatoes, an unknown hanging plant, and catnip out there. The catnip has already returned, being a tough perennial. I think I'll do as much of the rest as I did last year, or close to it. Our balcony was lovely.

Thinking fondly of my husband. Because those hormones, y'know, they've made me nice. And he's working his butt off at Teacher's College; his efforts will yield many changes for both of us, and I'm keenly interested in the whole thing because of that, and because I love him madly, and I'm so happy to see him doing what he wants to do.

I think I allow myself to contemplate these things to the extent that I do in order to avoid dwelling on the fact that I will have to push a watermelon out of my body any time between three and eight weeks from now.

Five of my friends have had babies in the past year: two were three weeks early, one was two days late, one was induced after being eight days late, and one was three weeks late! The only baby that was not the first for any of these friends was the one who was only two days late.

So who knows? I guess I'll be packing my suitcase soon, to be safe. Just as soon as I read up on what the best possible suitcase will be, and what I should pack. I'd hate to be one item short of the Best Hospital Bag Evah.


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