Saturday, July 29, 2006

Bread, wine, whine, water.

I have found a spelt bread at our regular grocery store that I like every bit as much as light rye, and which freezes wonderfully. To thaw it in a hurry I just pop it in the toaster, or nuke it for 30 seconds. I hope it stays around forever. It's not the perfect wheatless alternative for everybody because it contains yeast, but that's not a problem for me. Hoo hah.

Today's Globe and Mail had a piece on Opimian, a wine club that seems affordable and unpretentious. I'm tempted; if we did it right, it wouldn't put us out of more money than we already spend on wine.

We're going to try to get up to the cottage tomorrow, where food happiness doesn't live. Our fridge and stove are kaput, and we have only a microwave, barbecue, indoor grill and mini-fridge that has room for six pop cans. So why am I complaining? It's the fridgelessness. We can't keep everything we'd like to cook fresh for very long, so we always have to have some yucky canned stuff. On other hand, I'm hoping that the hot, rainy summer we're having will make for a bumper crop of wild blueberries. In any case, between the long drive, tiny baby, and low water levels on the river...wish us well.


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