Thursday, July 27, 2006

New toys.

I bought a new laptop from Dell two days ago. My subconscious crunched numbers all night last night. This morning, I realized that I'd buggered up my order and I could have gotten a slightly faster processor and a free carrying case for the same system for $60.

Oh, well. $60 buys a lot of groceries.

I'll still be getting about twice the computer as my old one, at less than one third of the price I paid for my old one four years ago. My old one is sufficiently kinked that it won't recognise any new software on it anymore (yes, I'm sure there's some laborious way I could have gone about fixing that), won't defragment without crashing, won't allow a spyware sweep without crashing, won't burn CDs without crashing, and is missing two keys. Definitely new toy time.


I'm curious about Vox, as it seems a way to combine the elements of customisability, public blogging, and friends-only blogging that I like, and might be an alternative to being stretched between LJ and Blogger, which is my current situation. I'd like to get my hands on an invite, and then I'd have to decide which of the multitude of usernames in my life I would use. Of course, the community aspect of such a site works only if others use it too. Food for thought, anyway.

In other news, I've eaten two slices of pumpkin pie this morning, and I ain't done yet. I'm even hungrier as a nursing mom than I was while pregnant, and that's saying something.


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