Saturday, August 12, 2006

I got nothin'.

It's been a terrible amount of time since last I blogged here. I hesitate to bore the public with tales of poop or drone on AGAIN about the plethora of dustbunnies I wrestle with daily. All I do is feed my insatiable son, read magazines and watch TV, and worry alot about the aforementioned dustbunnies. They fret me because we have twice as many visitors as usual now that there's someone cute here, and twice as many dustbunnies because I can't plop kidlet down long enough to get anything major done.

So I have no life to write about. Here's why:

I could become another "mommy blogger", but there are plenty of those floating around, and I have no new perspective to offer.

Food blogging would require a level of culinary proficiency that I ain't got. Music blogging might mean that I'd never work in this town again. And frankly, I've always preferred making music to writing about it.

My political views are too varied to pin, and I abhor debate, so I won't even go there.

I can't knit worth a shit.

So there you are. I got nothin'. Nothin' but dust, cats, a baby, lactating boobs, anxiety, and some balcony plants that I've already written about.



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