Saturday, September 30, 2006

A small, boring crock.

Many moons ago, when I was engaged, I couldn't cook worth a damn but was gripped with domestic zeal. So I bought a crock pot. A big 5-quart one with inserts for making dips and so on. I had visions of big-batch cooking, freezing leftovers, having gay-in-the-1961-sense parties with dips that people raved about for weeks, and living happily ever after. Well, it hasn't really happened, for various reasons. Too many recipes call for a smaller crock, like a 3.5-quart one, and I just never got into doubling them. So I've been underfilling my crock and burning stuff. Whee! And parties? Hell no! I can't have people over because I have no freaking room, thanks to my giant crock pot!

Well, the time had come, with the baby that ate my life and all, to get the smaller crock I should have gotten in the first place. But can you find an old-fashioned round 3.5-quart crock anywhere these days? Hardly. They're all huge, or itty bitty. So today I said "screw it" and got a 3-quart oval one.

It looks awfully puny, boring and white, with nary a fruit stenciled on it. No kitsch value whatsoever. But it will save my life and give us something to eat besides ye olde Kraft Dinner.

Good grief, what a lame entry. This is what comes from sitting around all day watching baseball with a baby on your lap.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mmmm, commercialism!

I am only writing here today because it's been a million billion years since I have done so. And why is that? Not sure, really, except maybe I'm waiting for Kathleen to go first. Ping? You out there?

The Jays played their second last home game of the season today, and I'm sad that we never got to a game this year. But hey. Baby, and all. Next year! In any case, it's been good TV. Because we subscribe to digital cable, which is owned by the same folks who own the Jays, we never have to miss a game. I've watched at least part of most of the games this season, and it's been good ball. Fun ball. I hope we don't lose too many good guys to free agency this year - I'm downright attached to some of them.

I confess that I have enjoyed baseball this year as much as I usually enjoy hockey, perhaps even more so! (Gasp!) Baseball has nostalgic value for me; my parents said that they sat my young self in front of the TV to witness the Jays' first game in April 1977. I remember Blue Jays popcorn, which was light, salty, and available in big bags at Dominion.

Oh yes, Blue Jays popcorn. I was obsessed with branding back then, when I was little - everything had to have a good brand name and be neat and right and just so. I had a thing for TV dinners because of the neat compartments, and thought Premium Plus crackers were the cat's meow because they were so official sounding, like an automotive insurance company or something. None of that earthy, wholesome crap with meadows and stuff on the box - I liked sterile crackers in a dependably red package. Baseball-brand popcorn? I loved me some brand-name crossover - bring it on. I still yearn for a Crock Pot with a football team's logo on it - I don't even care which one. The best part of the Metro Toronto Zoo when I was a kid? Besides its stylized logo? The McDonald's! Sure, I loved the wildlife and nature, but the faithful golden arches were where it was at. They brought a known factor to all that wild stuff. Order. Comfort.

Nostalgia still trumps most of whatever anti-corporate sentiment I might posess. Can I help it? Those corporate giants got to me early and often, and I was always just pedantic and impressionable enough to eat it all right up. Mmmm, convenience!