Friday, February 09, 2007

Scarborough, ho.

I've been remiss in blathering on about my hobbies, Great Thoughts and wonderful baby because we did something. Something either really great or wildly dumb. We bought a house. And it's in Scarberia.

After we tromped through about fifteen of the finest houses in our weeny price range that Scarborough had to offer, this house won because it's on a quiet street, the yard backs onto a park with a perfect little hill for tobogganing, and the neighbourhood is full of families, kids, trees and will be pretty four seasons of the year. The cons? It's a bit small, despite having four bedrooms. The kitchen is "eat-in", and does have room for a small table and chairs, but there is little cupboard space and no dishwasher. I WANT A DISHWASHER, but we'll have to wipe out some of the already-scarce cupboards to install one, or put a portable in the eat-in space. Oh well, at least it's mine. With a window over the sink. It has a small, unfinished basement, too, but at least provides the storage space we have been desperate for, could be finished partially one day, and can host a perfectly good dart board in the meantime. There is nothing preventing us from putting down a brutal shag rug on the cement floor right now!

And it is close to NOTHING. We're total car-bound suburbanites now. The closest bus runs only during rush hour and goes nowhere. Well, it goes to Kennedy station. Read: nowhere.

But it's so quiet and peaceful. We were very close to bidding on another, larger house with a wonderful finished basement and gorgeous storage shed, but the area was less treed, the parks weren't that hot, our kid would have to cross a busy street to go to school, and the school sucks. We were checking out the neighbourhood of that house, certain that we would make an offer the next day, and my husband said, "Let's go look at that other street with the house by the park one last time." So we did, and as we turned up what would become our street, it felt like being in a small town. So pretty and peaceful. And not in the heart of gangland! We knew we couldn't pass it up.

Now our kid will just have to skip across the park to school, and this school still sucks but not as much. Woo! My aunt has taught there and says it's fine. A number of her own aunts lived on our new street at one time, and liked it.

By mid-March we will be living there. I can't wait to have our yard. I will garden and have a bird feeder. Spring will come and show us what already grows in the garden. And, like a good Scarberian, I will wear blue eyeshadow like I mean it.


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